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    If you are on the lookout for a quality CBD shop in your area, we are happy to announce that your search is over.
    We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and the enormous variety and volume of our inventory. We carry everything from vape juice and e liquid devices to different kinds of cigars, cigarettes, CBD products, and more.
    These are the reasons we’ve been successful enough to expand to 20 stores total in the last two years, serving most of the state of Virginia. Each of our shops has huge, inviting open spaces for you to enjoy new products in safety and company.

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At Tobacco Hut - Vape & CBD, we know getting good vapes is important to your enjoyment and relaxation. That’s why we stock only the best E liquid products at our Vienna, VA location. Each of our vaporizers is guaranteed to get you what you need, and we’re always trying to find the latest products to add to our line-up. There’s a wide variety of new and established tobacco alternatives, each with their own unique flavor and character. We carry an extensive selection of salt NIC devices, vaporizer juices, vaporizer accessories, and more at Tobacco Hut - Vape & CBD. Whatever you’re looking for, whether you’ve been vaping sine the start or are new to the scene, we’ll have it.


Glass pipes and hookahs are created by using a tube through which the artisan’s breath is applied to a mass of molten glass. The resulting air bubble can be shaped by the blower, resulting in the finished product. This leaves the freedom to create a completely unique glass pipe. At Tobacco Hut - Vape & CBD, we have a wide display of some of these beautifully, handcrafted tobacco pipes of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple small one that is easy to carry or one with bigger assets, you are sure to find your ideal tobacco pipe here.


CBD oil is a specific chemical compound found in all strains of cannabis, and provides amazing medicinal properties that can help reduce chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and other physical and psychological ailments, all without the high. This makes our CBD oil truly relaxing. We also provide CBD tincture and CBD gummies, so you can choose your method of intake to match your daily routine and needs. CBD can be a great alternative to our other tobacco products if you just want something to help you relax.

E liquid
E Liquid

Most people find e-liquid to be so much longer lasting than cigarettes that it saves them quite a handful of money. E-juice is just one more reason that choosing electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes can be a great change in a smoker’s life. They are healthier than real cigarettes, they make smoke breaks much more convenient, and they taste better!


Not all vaporizer stores are created equally. At Tobacco Hut - Vape & CBD, we are committed to providing an enormous variety of only the highest quality products at affordable prices. Whether you’re trying hookah for the first time, or need a new shisha, we can provide you with expert advice and point you to the product you need. We do our best to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for you to enjoy. We encourage you to take your time to look at everything. If you don’t see something you’d like, please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and will do our best to accommodate you!

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